Register and Schedule Exam

Step 1: Register for One Path to AICP When Prepared to Test & Schedule Your Exam Appointment

The One Path to AICP streamlines the certification process into three steps for all APA members. Start your journey to AICP Certification. Download the AICP Certification Guide for full details.

Ready to take the exam? Register for the certification program. You'll be asked to abide by the AICP Code of Ethics and agree to the Certification Agreement confirming you understand the eligibility requirements and that your experience will meet AICP's definition of professional planning.

You'll be provided with an Eligibility ID after submitting your registration that will enable you to schedule an in-person or online remote exam appointment with Prometric for the upcoming test window. Be sure to refer to the scheduling information within the AICP Certification Guide for detailed information on appointment scheduling, testing procedures, and transfers.

Exam Registration Transfer

You can transfer your exam registration to a future test window if you've registered for the upcoming AICP Certification Exam and are no longer able to test during the current test window. First, cancel your existing exam appointment . Next, click the link below to confirm you do not have an exam appointment and then pay the transfer fee. More detailed information on transfers can be found in the AICP Certification Guide.