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What is Passport?

Passport is a subscription that offers self-directed continuing planning education. It features unlimited access for one year to APA's extensive learning library, including hundreds of hours of CM-eligible courses.

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$180, which is only $15 a month for unlimited planning learning — and hundreds of hours of CM credits!

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As soon as you complete the purchase of the subscription you have immediate access for one year.

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  • Jumpstart Your Equity Work Partnering with School Planners

    This course emphasizes public schools’ role in shaping communities. Tools and techniques are provided to improve collaboration between local governments and school districts and clarify the connection between traditional planning with planning and equity issues facing school planners.
    • Saralee Morrissey, FAICP
    • Shannon Jaax, AICP
    • John Valdez, AICP
    • Kevin Shipman, AICP
    • Kizito Wijenje, AICP
    CM | 1.50
    Eq | 1
  • LIVE: APA Design Thinking Series

    We will draw from experiences, leverage knowledge, and tap the creativity of planners in how best to deal with the post-pandemic future. Highlighting what we need to do now to prepare for challenges and seizing opportunities that pandemics have always created in their wake.
    • Thomas Fisher
    CM | 9
  • Advancing Environmental Justice Through Planning

    Environmental justice is a planning issue. Learn how communities have been deliberate in calibrating their place-based efforts to meet the needs of underserved communities. Environmental justice can enhance your planning outcomes.
    • Harold Mitchell
    • Carolina Martinez
    • Carlton Eley
    CM | 0.75
  • You've Got a Climate Action Plan – Now What?

    To avoid the catastrophic impacts of a warming planet, significant carbon reduction is needed by 2030. Take a look at tools that can help planners create the implementation structures that can shift from bold plans to bold action.
    • Michele Paul
    • Neil Angus, AICP CEP
    • Kari Hewitt
    CM | 0.75
  • Building Back Better: Federal Infrastructure Legislation

    Congress and the Biden administration are pursuing infrastructure legislation to transform transportation planning, tackle climate and broadband challenges, and fund critical projects. Discover what's being proposed and whether it will lead to lasting change.
    • Jason Jordan
    CM | 0.75
  • How to Tackle Anti-Racism Planning Practices

    Learn from three city planning directors about the approaches and challenges they have overcome to address inequitable practices and confront inequalities and racism in their communities.
    • Yu Liu, AICP
    • Andrew Trueblood
    • Andrea Durbin
    • Heather Sauceda Hannon, AICP
    • Armando Carbonell, FAICP
    CM | 0.75
  • 'Active' Paths Forward in Equitable Design

    Planners need to address discriminatory practices that have led to structural disadvantages in housing, transportation, education and employment. Using progressive tactics, this presentation will highlight ways to overcome these practices to implement better planning for all.
    • Adolfo Martinez
    • Maisha Tyler
    • Margaret Apperson
    • Edna Ledesma
    • Karlyn Roper
    • Robert Kerns, AICP
    CM | 0.75
  • Implementing a Regional Equity Agenda Approach

    The State of Equity Policy Agenda 2018 provides specific policy actions addressing inequalities and inequities in the Metropolitan Boston region. Learn about the challenges encountered when the agenda was introduced around the region and how they were overcome.
    • Raul Gonzalez
    • Lizzi Weyant
    • Jessie Partridge Guerrero
    CM | 0.75
  • Addressing Energy and Water Security Before the Storm

    Tired of planning resilient facilities and infrastructure after a natural disaster or emergency? Or because a certain community leader asked you to? Find out how this past year's weather has brought energy and water security planning to the forefront.
    • Mark Kreitz, AICP
    • Bridget Tydor, AICP
    • Keith Davis
    CM | 0.75
  • Planning for Restaurant Conversions

    How can local governments respond to COVID-19-driven shifts toward online food delivery services and requests to convert restaurants into food preparation/delivery facilities with limited or no onsite dining? Explore the equity impacts of those conversions.
    • Lauren Harper
    • Alyssa Alt
    • Donald Elliott, FAICP
    CM | 0.75
  • The Planner's Role in Addressing Equitable Economic Development

    Too often economic development exacerbates inequities. Learn how to combat histories of racism and inequity by addressing planning work and power dynamics through people- and place-based tools.
    • Victor Rubin
    • Tracy Corley, PhD
    • Katherine Lucas McKay
    • Jessica Garrow, AICP
    • Victoria Mason-Ailey, AICP
    CM | 0.75
  • Confront and Dismantle Discriminatory Workplace Practices

    What is it like to live, work, and seek to thrive in a white, cisgender, straight world as a non-white, non-cis, LGBTQ+ planner? Get an equity focus on professional practices.
    • Chanelle Frazier
    • Chloe Greene
    • Daniel Besinaiz
    • Monica Tibbits-Nutt, AICP
    • Caroline Dwyer, AICP
    CM | 0.75
  • NPC21 Closing Keynote: Planning for a Sustainable World

    Listen as Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri, shares how individuals and organizations can use evidence-based decisions in designing a more sustainable world.
    • Jack Dangermond
    • Mitchell Silver, FAICP
    CM | 0.75
  • Engagement for Everyone: Accessible Virtual Strategies

    The COVID-19 crisis requires planners to adapt in-person public outreach and engagement to virtual formats. Get lessons and tools to inform and improve future engagement efforts, including in person.
    • Ibrahim López Hernández
    • Amanda Kohn, AICP
    • Ky'Ron Owens
    • Adria Boynton
    CM | 0.75
  • Confronting Power and Privilege

    Learn about a conceptual framework for how power systems in primarily white-led planning, real estate, and design fields affect health equity, and a test a beta action framework to challenge conventional practice.
    • Vedette Gavin
    • Kelly Worden
    • Hanna Osman
    • Erin Ishizaki, AICP
    CM | 0.75
  • Planning for Multigenerational Living & Resilient Communities

    Planners will be challenged to think about livable communities and housing in terms of life course, and to consider emerging data on multigenerational housing during Covid-19 and potential for harnessing multigenerational living for inclusive and pandemic-resilient urbanism.
    • Kate Holmquist, AICP
    • Alan DeLaTorre
    • Stephanie Firestone
    CM | 0.75
  • How Technology is Shaping Practice and Your Career

    Technology is driving an evolution of the tools and the work of planning. This course explores technological changes and the challenges that arise. Advance and diversify skills needed to navigate the planning profession today and into the future.
    • Thomas Coleman, AICP
    • David Wasserman, AICP
    • Shruti Shubham
    • Thomas Sanchez
    CM | 1.50
  • City Digital Twins: The Virtual Lab for Planners

    In planning, city digital twins can be used for experimentation and simulation, to test policy options, to enhance cross-departmental collaboration, and to improve community engagement. Learn how to get started with examples from Columbus, Georgia, and Boston.
    • Heather Sauceda Hannon, AICP
    • Neda Mohammadi
    • John Taylor
    • Carolyn Bennett
    • Petra Hurtado, PhD
    CM | 0.75
  • Confronting Racism in Planning and the Workplace

    Despite decades of efforts to combat discrimination, racist planning practices remain common. Learn how to transform the culture of white privilege in planning workplaces and education.
    • Ivis Garcia, AICP
    • Nina Idemudia
    • April Jackson
    • Sarah Syed
    CM | 0.75
  • Updating the Outdated Planning Toolbox

    The planning toolbox is ripe for a makeover. Hear a critique of several planning methods, standards, and assumptions and how they undermine safety, economic vibrancy, and mobility. Get the case for reform.
    • Elizabeth Osborne
    • Lisa Nisenson
    CM | 0.75

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